Introduction to online pokies with welcome bonus

By 22 January 2021

Online pokies is an interesting casino game that you would enjoy when you are playing it at an online casino. The game originates from land-based casinos. If you want to get a better understanding at playing online pokies you should check out nz-online-casino

How it works

There are different parts to playing online pokies. It is just like the traditional pokies that you find at brick and mortar casinos. You only need to hit the spin icon and you are good to go on the online pokies game

There are different types of online pokies that you will come across. These types offer different features. The type you choose will determine the type of experience that you get when you are playing the online pokies game as you play the game

How to play

When you want to start playing the game, you will need to choose the type of bet that you want. You can adjust the bet option just by adjusting the levels option. You can set the levels option to 1 or 10

The coin value option

Another option that you will also find interesting is the coni value option. This option is used to direct the exchange rate if the game. The higher the value of the coin. The higher the value of the coin win that you get from the reels

  • Other option include
  • Autoplay

Autoplay option

The autoplay option can be used to spin the reel automatically. When you click on the autoplay option, a set of numbers will be generated. You can choose any of these numbers to set the mummer of times the reels will spin

Max bet otion

There are some cases whereby you just want to go all out. Also, you might also be a high roller. If this is you, you might want to consider using the maxbet option. By clicking it, you will be spinning with the higher bet

Types of slot game

There are different types of pokies that you will come across. The first is the 3 reel pokies. This pokies game has just three reels in most cases it also has 3 rows. It has limited options for you to play with

  1. Other types include
  2. 5 reel slot

The 3 reel pokies have the same type of symbols that can be found on all the 3 reel pokies. This is the characteristics of the 3 reel pokies. The prominent symbol is the fruit and also the 7 symbols oon the reel

5 reel slot

The 5 reel pokies is an exciting pokies game. This is an improvement on the 3 reel slot game that you must have been introduced to. The 5 reel slot comes with symbols like the scatter symbol and also the wild symbol

Different symbol types

There are different symbols that you will come across when you play online casino games. One of these symbols is scatter symbol. The scatter symbol triggers bonuses that are hidden inside the pokies game. When you land three or more, you trigger the bonus

The wild symbol

There is also the wild symbol. You can easily land the wild symbol and get coin wins in some cases. However, the major purpose of a wild symbol id to replace other symbols aand generate coin wins for the player any time it appeasers

Random features

Random features are different types of features that are added to a pokies game. These featrues are not the same fro different pokies game. They differ and the offerings they give also differs. Some times you can have random features as dragon destroy


Welcome Bonus

There are different bonuses that you will come across while playing at different online casinos. However, when you want to register, you will be offered a welcome bonus. You should claim this bonus so that you can get better value for your money

Final thought on online pokies

Playing online pokies is very simple. You simply need to hit the spin icon. Also, you should remember to claim the welcome bonus that is offered to you when you want to register at an online casino. By doing this you are able to improve your win rate.

If you want to start playing online pokies for real money, you need to find a reputable online casino to play at. This online casino must be licensed to run a real money online casino. When you have confirmed this, go ahead to start betting