How to Win Playing Online Blackjack

By 26 October 2020

There are primarily six steps involved in playing online blackjack. Players trading money for chips, Players pitching a wager, Dealer sharing cards to players, Players thinking on how to play, the dealer's play, and Players cashing in on wins. These six simple steps are the basis of winning an online blackjack game, and you can start playing at once you understand these steps, as would be explained further in this article. The main aim of an online blackjack game is to beat the dealer.

The players get to play with a standard 52-deck card, which has a face value of 2 to 9, 10 value cards, which are the King, Queen and Jack, and the One or Eleven Ace card. The dealer follows a set of casino rules every time for every play to ensure transparency and profitability of both ends. Commands by players are usually performed by hand signs in a casino but should be communicated at the touch of a button in an online blackjack game.

Playing Online Blackjack

A bet is placed, signifying the start of the game, and some casinos set a minimum for betting at $5. The money for betting is traded with chips and which are then used in placing a wager. This game happens on a semi-circular board with shapes known as felts, and this is where you put your chips when wagered. The dealer then deals two cards clockwise to all players with the face of the cards up. The Deck of Cards used is known as a shoe.

How to Beat the Dealer

The dealer is what you want to beat in an online blackjack game and should be your primary concern. The dealer after dealings cards to the players deals itself two cards; the first card is displayed up known as the upcard, second card facing down known as the hole-card. The number you want to watch out for when playing is 21. You beat the dealer by - Having added card value higher than dealer’s at the end of a round or Having added card value of 21 on your first two cards.

Strategies to Watch For in Online Blackjack

When you have two cards dealt by the dealer, you want to strategize and weigh your options. In an online blackjack game, these apply, Stand – When you are confident, your two cards can beat the dealers, you hold. Surrender – When you think your cards are below par, you surrender. Double down – When you want to double your wager. Splitting – When you have a pair of same cards, you can split for another card. Hit – When you are confident more cards can give you the win, you hit.

Bonus Cards and Payouts

The most powerful card in a shoe is the Ace card, which can stand as one or eleven. Your next most powerful cards are King, Jack, Queen, which have a value of Ten. Your Ace card is the bonus card, as it could make the difference between winning and losing. The payouts are 2 or 3 times your bet on wins, 1x on draws, and half your wager when you surrender. The cards are discarded on a tray as play continues and shuffles anew when the round is over.